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Irving/Las Colinas

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Renting Full-Service Office Space for Your Business

So now you've considered Los Colinas and you like the area, but how do you determine the best workplace fit for your company? The first and probably most obvious thing to consider is the amount of employees you have.

Leasing for Company Size and Work Style

How much office space does each employee need? Well, the amount of business space you need to lease depends on your style of company or the way your employees work. A cubicle farm or call center generally requires less work space per person and averages to around 150 sq. ft. per person. A more open and collaborative environment, for example an advertising company, requires around 250 sq. ft. per employee. A good rule of thumb if you feel you don't belong in either of those extremes is around 200 sq. ft. per employee. A critical factor in many decisions on selecting the right office building is availability. All of our offices spaces are completely finished out and ready for immediate occupancy and many people move in the same day. We can also can custom finish out office spaces to your exact requirements.

What to Consider When Moving In to Your Work-space Lease

A couple things that many business professionals looking sign leases for office space tend to forget is the cost of moving in and the opportunity cost of waiting to move in. The biggest cost that can be associated with leasing a new office is the cost of purchasing new furniture. Another problem business tenants overlook is when they can actually move in. In a cut throat world of first to market wins, many businesses need to sign a lease and begin to use their workspace in the same day. If not, they can lose valuable time and money. Fortunately, Las Colinas Offices provides rooms that are fully furnished and ready to use the moment you sign your office space rental agreement.

What to Know When Negotiating an Office Lease

company's workspace is whether or not the landlord and building maintenance is on-site, in town, in another city or in another state. When your workspace has problems and you need them fixed, time is of the essence. At our property the building owners and maintenance are all on-site and available to you 7 days a week.

Another thing to consider is the length of the lease. Locking in to a longer 5-10 year contact will always reflect better in the bottom line rate that you are offered. However, this is not always prudent and fees associated with breaking leases can be costly. Take a long look at your company's plans for the future and make a safe, informed decision based on what's best for your employees and your company. At our property we offer a broad range in office spaces so you can grow without moving or breaking your lease. Many business have started with only a couple of offices and grown to dozens over as much as 20 years at the same address.

Lastly, remember to take things like security deposits, the need of a guarantor, and future rent increases (typically, office space rental rates rise at 2-3% annually). If your business has special needs, if you want specific space layouts, have specific requirements, need a marble entryway, or anything else, ask BEFORE you sign the contract so both parties know what is expected of the other and it is included in your lease.

LasColinasOffices: Best Full Service Office Space in Dallas

Full service work-space rental can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different landlords and rentals. At Las Colinas Offices, it means you get one fair price for all office space expenses. It means if you have a problem, the landlord management will take care of it in a prompt manner. It means, whether you're a small or large business, Las Colinas treats you with the same respect and attention you deserve. Call Las Colinas Offices today to hear more about our competitive office rental rates and everything else we have to offer!

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